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Global Security

Finding solutions to prevent and mitigate potentially destabilizing health threats is now becoming an urgent priority.

Post COVID-19 Urban planning and design

Most significant cities globally have been disproportionally affected by the Corona virus (COVID-19)

Trauma and orthopedic surgery

From a child with scoliosis to a person with traumatic injuries who needs limb-saving surgery, the expertise of an orthopedic surgeon is extremely beneficial.

Women in Prison

Due to their gender, women are the most vulnerable in prisons.

Minorities in Canada need your support for their rights!

A remarkable portion of the indigenous populations in Canada and many members of its various ethnic and religious minorities such as Black Canadians and Muslims, continue to face higher levels of poverty, hate speech and other challenges.

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Health care training and education that meets the internationally recognized standards.

Quick to  humanitarian emergency response.


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