CBRN Training & Education

We promote an enhanced and integrated Chemical Biological, Radiological and Nuclear defense.

CBRN education

CBRN defense through education and training

An effective strategy to mitigate CBRN risks requires a high quality training and education to equip individuals with great skills and knowledge. This includes strengthening awareness on the present and possible future CBRN threats taking into account technological developments.

Together with our partners we aim to improve global capacity, prevent, detect and respond to CBRN related risks by conducting events and activities that aim to enhance procedure and interoperability of relevant international mechanisms.

The lack of cooperation and preparedness at the national level related to CBRN risks and the division of responsibilities within an area can have drastic consequences. It is therefore our goal and mission with the support of our partners to set up a platform that will be able to promote CBRN mitigation through education and training.  


Volunteers Wanted

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