About us

About FSF-IHCE Suisse

Formations Sans Frontières – International Health Care Education (FSF-IHCE) was officially created in 2004 – with its head office (HQ) – is in Lyon.
Association law 1901 – Officially recognized by the World Health Organization (OMS / WHO) in 2005 – by the former regional office of the Rhône-Alpes region. It has thus become a non-governmental organization (IONG) recognized in Europe but also internationally through concrete actions and achievements.
FSF-IHCE also has sub representative offices in Europe, Asia and Africa which are currently evolving.
FSF-IHCE advocates to promote and improve the lives of the most affected populations around the world through training and education in global security, Post Corona virus(COVID-19) urban planning, prisons and detention centers focusing on revaluation of incarcerated women, trauma and orthopedic surgery.

FSF-IHCE brings together in an interdisciplinary manner bringing together many multi-disciplinary actors – specialists, generalists – trainers, experts, in various sectors.

The specificity of the FSF-IHCE platform and its branches is distinguished by:

  •  The existence of regional, national, European, and Global networks
  • the international and multidisciplinary dimension that it plans to give to its thinking and actions
  • the primacy of exchange, and transparent partnerships, based on the objectives of responding to training and also education needs for Regions, Countries, public institutions and or private sectors, Governmental and / or Non-governmental organizations
  • its educational mission to stakeholders at all levels, diversified themes, optimized by our “resource centers” in constant interaction for action “,
  • ethics guaranteed by recognized experts in educational fields and or on measures
  • Constant adaptation between reflection and action in order to meet the needs regarding the FSF-IHCE Mandates…
  • Organization of trainings, seminars, National and International Events and Symposium, workshops, think tanks, in Intra or Extra Muros (all countries)

Our Mission

Our mission is activating health networks and respond to health care issues in both developing and  developed countries.

Our Goal

We aim to build partnerships and fulfill the needs for education and training for better healthcare response to urgent issues and needs.

Our Objectives

To provide rapid emergency response on site, especially in most deprived locations or countries in needs.