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Post Covid-19 Urban Planning

Urgent action is needed for better urban settings as the impact of COVID-19 will be most devastating in poor and densely populated urban areas. 

Global Security

Finding solutions to prevent and mitigate potentially destabilizing health threats is now becoming an urgent priority. Help bring in key actors for fresh global security solutions.

Women in Prison

Most prisons in most countries worldwide, are less able or not well equipped in providing health care and medical services to mothers with children, pregnant or nursing mothers.

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A gift of hope

As the world is at a critical juncture, some populations around the world need urgent humanitarian assistance & protection. Millions have been affected by conflicts, vulnerability and more so greatly affected by the current global pandemic Corona virus (COVID-19). That is why Formation Sans Frontières-International Health Care Training main mission is to improve the lives of the most affected population and put in place a strategic plan for better future through health care training and education. Support us to prevent future predicaments because spending on recovery is closely nine times higher than a prevention. 


HealthCare Training
& Education

Formation Sans Frontières-International Health Care Training & Education main mission is to improve the lives of the most affected population and put in place a strategic plan for better future through training and education.

FSF-IHCE aims to provide a more safe, more effective and high quality health care in healthcare facilities in both developing and developed countries.

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Post COVID-19 Urban planning and design

Most significant cities globally have been disproportionally affected by the Corona virus (COVID-19)

Global Security

Finding solutions to prevent and mitigate potentially destabilizing health threats is now becoming an urgent priority.

Trauma and orthopedic surgery

From a child with scoliosis to a person with traumatic injuries who needs limb-saving surgery, the expertise of an orthopedic surgeon is extremely beneficial.
What FSF-ICE Does?

We are On A Mission To Solve

Responding to humanitarian emergencies and providing health care services;training and education that meets the internationally recognized standards.

FSF-IHCE promotes and respects international humanitarian law and its implementation in national law.

Global Security

FSF-IHCE goal is to have an integrated approach to protect threatened health systems globally. It is an increasingly urgent priority to find solutions that will help prevent and mitigate potentially destabilizing health threats.  

Post COVID-19 Urban-ism

FSF-IHCE is tailoring in public health responses and guidance in the most COVID-19 affected urban settings to ensure that the spread of the corona virus is brought to a halt and a scene of resilience and recovery is set.    

Women in Prison

Help prisoners to cope with the length of their incarceration, dealing with being separated form their loved once and families. Teach others how they are going to survive in a prison environment. 

Traumatic & Orthopedic Surgery

Creating and providing sustainable traumatic and orthopedic surgery by working side by side with the doctors, nurses and other health care professionals and transferring skills through education and training. 

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Your Contribution will help save more lives and make our world a better place to live. 


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You too can collect as little funds as you can to provide to help. Not only for yourself, but also the people around you. Through your donation, you give hope to the shattered lives



Amid, the Corona virus pandemic, there are still countless people who need your help. Through your support, you help change the lives of many by devoting your time and efforts.



Even as the future seems to remain unclear, you can be part of the hand that leads to a brighter tomorrow. By fundraising to our major causes, you become part of the  fight for that future.

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We strive to promote sustainable development in humankind through training and education; not only in health but in other fields; Mine Risk Education, CBRNE, Gender Violence, Blue Economy

FSF-IHCE mission

Our Mission

Our mission is activating health networks and respond to health care issues in both developing and  developed countries.

FSF-IHCE goals

Our Goal

We aim to build partnerships and fulfill the needs for education and training for better healthcare response to urgent issues and needs. 

How Can You Help?

Your donation goes directly to our projects. Saving and improving lives with research, education and emergency care.

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