Promoting olympism in the society

Our aim at the Olympic Games is to contribute to the development of a peaceful and better world by training and educating people through sport

Promoting olympism

Bringing enthusiasm, commitment and a positive attitude to each practice, event and competition.

Coaches and trainers teach the knowledge and the spirit that characterize the real athlete. They’re role models and character-builders.

FSF-IHCE promotes coaches and trainers to go much further. They help mentally handicapped athletes find their own talents and abilities. They also teach them how to improve on those skills and grow every day.

The goal of FSF-IHCE in sports and athletics is to help create a healthy and peaceful atmosphere through the training and education of individuals without discrimination of any sort. This includes having a shared agreement and a sense of friendliness, harmony and fair play.

As an international non-profit organization, we rely, by your contribution, on your sponsorship. This will allow us to assist athletes and improve sport around the world by training and educating coaches and trainers across the globe.

We aim to promote the everyday participation in sport by all individuals in society, irrespective of sex, age, social context or economic class. This is achieved in many ways during the year and in all the regions globally. We want to expand everyone’s participation in sport and to give everyone, particularly physically challenged and disadvantaged persons in the society, the educational and health qualities of sports.


Support our organization through your donation and help athletes make their Olympic hopes come true.