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Health care education& training

To Provide a safe and high quality health care services through education and training among health care professionals with the most recent interventions and technologies.

Education and training for equity in global health

Health care workers do their best to provide the best quality safe care. Nevertheless, health care workers still need more skills  and resources to identify harm and reduce risks. And this is why it is important to provide health care education and training.

The reason of training and educating health care professionals is to ensure individual understanding and team approach with shared knowledge, skills and attitudes towards providing safer health care.

Various health professionals may be involved in caring for someone at risk, including nurses, doctors, and health care professionals. Training and education requires dealing with at-risk individuals of all ages from birth to older people who are more focused on certain groups such as people with spinal cord injuries. In addition, training to help health professionals recognize changes in human risk, for example because they may be at high risk due to clinical changes or because of an existing condition is equally important.

Our role in supporting health care education and training is critical to building strong, sustainable and affordable education and training models. The building of educational and professional development facilities must continue in close proximity to what has been produced to make available resources accessible.



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Health care training and education that meets the internationally recognized standards.

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