Mine Risk Education

 To mitigate the risk of explosive devices through creating awareness and education about the risks and safe behavior.

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FSF-IHCE Mine Risk Education and Training

Even decades after the war has ended, landmines and other explosive remnants of war (ERW) plague more than 50 countries on every continent and continue to wreck havoc on civilians.

As an International NGO, FSF-IHCE Suisse together with its partners aim to eradicate these hazards through training and education.

Mine Risk Education (MRE) is the educational activities and training aimed to reduce mine injuries and unexploded ordinance(UXO) by raising awareness and promoting behavior change through public awareness campaigns, education and training and community awareness.

Mine Risk Education ensures that communities are aware of mines and Unexploded Ordnance UXO or abandoned ammunition threats and are encouraged to act in ways that reduce the danger to persons, property and the community. The goal is to reduce the risk to a level in which people can live safely and to recreate an ecosystem where economic and social growth can take place free of the constraints of landmine contamination.

FSF-IHCE’s Mine risk education, alongside demining, which involves technical surveys, mapping, UXO and mine clearing, marking hazardous areas, and recording cleared areas, reduces the risk of physical injury from land-contaminating mines and UXOs.

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