TC17 VRISE2021 Topical Event [CALL FOR ABSTRACT]

Robotics for Risky Interventions and Environmental Surveillance

08 October 2021

Virtual Event

About the Event

An International Session on Measurement and Control of
Robotics, during the IMEKO Congress 2021, (focusing
among others on virtual reality, risky interventions and
environmental surveillance)

The Workshop scope covers a broad spectrum
ranging from advanced conceptual and virtual design and
methodology, sensors, actuators, instrumentation, and realtime control algorithms to innovative robotics, mobile
(ground/aerial/undersea) robotics, personal and collective
protection, multilevel rescue operations and management
applications. It will contribute to provide a full picture of
the state of the art in the area of increasing risks. The key
words you will use are essential to organize the different
sessions for this conference.

Prospective authors are invited to submit abstracts on subjects relating to the theme of Robotics for Risky Interventions and Environmental Surveillance for the TC17-VRISE2021: Topical Event

Scope & Topics

Measurement of CBRNE – related environmental risks Environmental surveillance (air quality, pollution, etc, Search and Rescue by incidents/accidents/disasters), Medical Management (teaching facilities, entertainment facilities, hospitality facilities, etc.) and Robotics Trends, Detection sensing systems.

  • Authors should submit their abstracts by July 30th.
  • The abstracts are restricted to 450 words and two pages.
  • The font size should be 12 and the font style should be Cambria.

Submit the abstracts to:

Event Coordinators:

Prof em Y.Baudoin

(ICI/RMA/ER KC) ,Vice-Chair TC17


Director ICI

Prof O.Tokhi

Chairman CLAWAR

Dr Ir Zafar Taqvi

Chair IMEKO TC17

Event Advisers:

Col Claude Lefebvre

Secretary General FSF-IHCE

Dr I.Galatas

Center for Security Studies” (KEMEA), Athens


Dr F.Van Trimpont

General Secretary of European Council of Disaster Medicine

More Info: