World Oceans Day 2021

Changing climate, pollution, and overfishing are all posing risks to the health of our oceans. This risks jeopardize the ocean's capacity to support our lives, and they are threats that only we can avoid.

World Oceans Day is a UN-designated day of celebration and action for the oceans.
FSF-IHCE and the rest of the world commemorate the World Oceans Day. Celebrating, learning about, and doing their best to support the ocean. Local, federal, and state organizations will collaborate to provide fun experiences that will help participants appreciate the human connection to the sea.

About World Oceans Day

On World Oceans Day, people all around the world honor and celebrate the ocean, which binds us all. Start building a better world for your family, friends, society, and the environment. We will and can defend our shared ocean if we work together.

The goal of the Day is to raise public awareness about the effect of human activity on the environment, to build a global citizen campaign for the ocean, and to rally and unite the global community behind a project for the long-term conservation of the world’s oceans.

FSF-IHCE’s goal on World Oceans Day

Through training and education, our mission is to raise awareness about the value of preserving our waterways, water sources, coastal waters and habitat, as well as to inspire people to take steps to restore, maintain, and protect these resources. Any person on the planet lives near a watershed. Oceans provide 80% of the oxygen we breathe (trees generate 20 percent ). Our planet’s survival is in our possession.

Why Commemorate World Oceans Day?

Our future depends on a stable global ocean. Every year, World Oceans Day offers a unique opportunity to celebrate, preserve, and restore the oceans that we all share. The ocean is important because it provides:

  • It contributes to our food supply.
  • Cleans the water we drink and regulates our environment
  • Produces the majority of the oxygen we inhale.
  • It’s a never-ending source of inspiration!
  • Provides a drug pharmacopoeia.

Happy World Oceans Day from Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Captain Cousteau devoted his life to the seas, demonstrating both their incredible majesty and their fragility. World Oceans Day, which takes place every year on June 8th, is an occasion for us to honor our oceans and reflect on why, now more than ever, we must preserve them.

Portrait of explorer Jacques Cousteau on the deck of a boat, photographed in connection with the television show ‘The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau’, May 1975. First printed in Radio Times issue 2689, page 5, May 22nd 1975. (Photo by Will Raynor/Radio Times/Getty Images)

I understood that water and life were indiscernibly bound and that i must spend my whole career fighting to protect that life, to safeguard future generations.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

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