Global Security

About The Campaign

Finding solutions to prevent and mitigate potentially destabilizing health threats is now becoming an urgent priority.

From the natural environment to the digital field, humanity continues to make our surrounding and living spaces more and more hostile. And as the world continues to face the unprecedented crises, leaders need to identify the biggest risks to humanity so as to ensure that strategic measure are put in place ready for effective actions.

Fundraise and support, FSF-IHCE to bring in key actors to explore a fresh approach to global health security. Engaging high level military planners, security policy makers and advisors as well as critical health personnel and international health agency decision makers in order to explore the approaches to manage global security and examine crucial approaches from the following points of view:

  • Realize the global health and security consequences of weak health systems
  • Recognize the role of security forces in protecting health facilities in conflict-affected states
  • Determine reasons why conflict-states are unresponsive to global health initiatives

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