Education and Training in Home Health Care

In-home care providers can aid someone who is elderly and requires assistance to live alone, is dealing with serious health problems, is healing from a medical loss, or has special needs or a disability.


Home health care is a form of medical care that is delivered to patients in their homes by qualified practitioners under the supervision of a physician. Nursing care, physical, occupational, and speech-language therapy, and medical social services are also included in home health care services.  The aims of home health care programs are to help people improve their function and live more independently; to support the client’s optimum level of well-being; and to help patients stay at home instead of being admitted to hospitals or long-term care facilities.

FSF-IHCE Education and Training in Home-Based Health Care

The working environment for nurses in home health care varies from that of hospitals and other institutional settings. Home health care nurses, for example, operate alone in the field with support services provided by a central office. The nurse-physician working partnership has less direct physician communication, and the physician depends on the nurse to make decisions and communicate observations to a greater extent.

Education and Training in different types of Home Health Care Services.

A patient’s options for receiving home health care facilities are almost endless. Treatment can vary from nursing to specialized medical procedures, such as laboratory workups, depending on the particular patient’s condition. Your medical schedule and any treatment you will need at home will be determined by you and your doctor.

FSF-IHCE focuses in delivering education and training to qualified medical practitioners and recognized by governments under national accreditation in home based health care services including, but not limited to, general practitioner, specialist in home care, internist students, nurses, doctors, physiotherapists and osteopaths.

Doctor Care

Education and training to a a physician may come to a patient’s home to diagnose and treat an illness. He or she can also check the needs for home health services on a regular basis.

Nursing Care

The most popular method of home health care is nursing care, which varies based on the individual’s needs. We provide education and training to licensed nurses who may create a treatment plan in consultation with the specialist. Wound treatment, ostomy treatment, intravenous therapy, drug administration, patient management, pain control, and other health assistance are also examples of nursing care.

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists

Following an illness or accident, certain patients may need assistance in relearning how to perform everyday tasks or improving their voice. A physical therapy should devise a treatment schedule to help a patient regain or improve muscle and joint function. An occupational therapy may assist a patient with physical, developmental, cognitive, or emotional difficulties with relearning everyday tasks such as sleeping, washing, dressing, and other activities. A speech therapist may help a patient who has lost their ability to speak to effectively recover it.

Laboratory and X-ray Imaging

Certain medical examinations, such as blood and urine tests, should be completed in the patient’s own home. Through education and training in home health care, lab technicians may execute this service at home using portable X-ray devices.

Pharmaceutical Services

Hospital supplies and equipment can be brought to your house. If the patient requires it, education and training in home health care on how to take medications and use supplies, including intravenous therapy, will be provided.

Care from Home Health Aides

The patient’s simple personal needs, such as getting out of bed, sitting, washing, and dressing, will be supported by home health aides. Under the supervision of a nurse, aides undergo advanced education and training in home health care to help with more specialized treatment.

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